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Rules for using this site

Rules for using this site

Please do not use the contents of this site to make money, I have provided it free of charge, I would like you to keep to the same set of values.

You may quote small sections from the information I have provided, but please give this web site address as the source of the information if you do.

As the context of the information I have provided is so important, please do not distribute copies of the information.  They do not stand-alone, they only have meaning within the explanations of the site as a whole.

This website is based on my synthesis of more than 10,000 observations from a huge variety of sources. The  database contains more than five thousand observations of which only a few are on the site. This website is a work in progress: observations , sources, links and cross references are regularly added. Thank you for your patience. Your feedback regarding the website and your own spiritual experiences is welcome via the Contact form.